Linux Timed Wakeup After Suspended

by (nobody)

very wasting time, i got the final answer costs about 1/2 months, and now, it look just very easy :|

Search cloud that helped me reached wakeup by Google (in random order):
pm-suspend timer wake
pm-suspend timed wake
pm-suspend wake
linux suspend auto wake
linux suspend timer wake
linux suspend auto wake
thinkpad wake on power
nvram wake
linux suspend wake up
linux timed wake up

after above searchs again and again, at today after 00:00, i used UCWEB and search once again, and got the following answer:
Finally got it:

and TODAY i waked up at 0724 and want to open the laptop cover, and i just noticed it already running, Congratulations!! xD

EDIT: of course, within Windows is also can be done with some apps.